Precious metal chemicals department:
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Organic chemicals department:
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Textile chemicals department:
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Founded in 1976, the High-Tech enterprise of Jiangsu province, Changzhou Chemical Research Institute Co.,Ltd. (CCRI) is focusing on developing & producing intermediates of pharmaceuticals, precious metal chemicals and textile auxiliaries. In the past 40 years, we developed more than 200 new products and fulfilled 20 national science & technologies projects. We also have several patents.
 Precious Metal Chemicals
We are engaged in the development & manufacturing of precious metal chemicals more than 20 years, the product kinds, product quality, manufacture capability and total sales turnover is in the premier position of China. We are famous as the supplier of many multinational corporations domestic and abroad.
 Organic Chemicals
In recent years, we are focusing on customer manufacturing area especially the development of various intermediates of pharmaceuticals. With the efficient supporting from our R&D teams and multipurpose production facilities we manufacture intermediates of APIs in the quantity from kilos to tons for famous international pharmaceutical corporations globally, inquiries for new products are always welcomed.
 Textile Auxiliaries
We are engaged in the development & manufacturing of textile auxiliaries more than 20 years. We focus on the functional handling agents such as durable flame retardant for polyester (FRC-1), durable flame retardant for cotton (FRC-2). All of them enjoy a good market reputation domestic and abroad. In addition, we are the sales agent in China of Asahi Guard water-proof and oil repellent agent series.
There are two plants of CCRI. One is located in Changzhou and the other is in Dafeng named Dafeng Jingyuan Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd..
Total employees of CCRI is about 200, more than 60 percent have technical background. The company management stuff are from TOP 10 universities of China with pharmaceutical and chemical background. They have worked at R&D, Production and Sales more than 15 years.

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